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    A Fleet Management Solution That Puts You in the Driver's Seat of Productivity

    Manage your entire fleet—in every location—as if you were right next to each vehicle on the facility floor. iWAREHOUSE is a comprehensive fleet management solution that provides a full suite of tools to enhance the productivity of both operators and vehicles. If you're considering a lift truck fleet management system, iWAREHOUSE delivers fleet monitoring and actionable fleet utilization data to help you drive down costs and improve productivity in your operations.

    iwarehouse, forklift fleet management system

    • Access Control
    • Electronic Checklists
    • Impact Management
    • Fault Code Reporting
    • Equipment and Fleet Utilization
    • Load Sensing
    • Location Tracking
    • Texting

iWAREHOUSE Forklift Fleet Management System

    forklift access control

    Access Control

    Remotely manage vehicle operating parameters, and control access to vehicles based on operator certifications.

    osha forklift checklist, forklift data

    Electronic Checklists

    Completed electronic checklists are stored in the system, creating an electronic "paper trail" to meet regulatory requirements.

    forklift impact sensors, forklift impact alarms

    Impact Management

    With immediate forklift impact detection, managers can receive a real-time notification when an impact occurs. Utilize data from the forklift impact sensor to reduce costs due to product, racking, equipment, and facility damage.

    forklift fault codes

    Fault Code Reporting

    Automatic fault code alerts can help to pinpoint maintenance issues to minimize downtime for repairs.

    fleet utilization, fleet utilization metrics

    Equipment Utilization

    Right-size your fleet to optimize the utilization of assets and personnel. Fleet utilization metrics can help you to determine whether to retain, replace, reallocate or remove individual assets and vehicles based on actual usage data.

    forklift load sensor, fleet monitoring

    Load Sensing

    Get a more accurate picture of productivity by being able to tell when an operator is carrying a load versus traveling with empty forks.

    forklift gps tracking, fleet management solution

    Location Tracking

    Location tracking of vehicles allows you to identify efficient routes and establish travel boundaries.

    warehouse messaging system

    Multi-directional Texting

    Multi-directional texting allows convenient communication with operators.

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