• "Safer by Design"
    DC Velocity; Features like the iWAREHOUSE integrated display use cutting-edge technology to incorporate preventative features into lift trucks, May 2017
  • "Telematics on home turf"
    Modern Materials Handling; how telematics are shaping fleet management practices and moving facilities from reactive to predictive maintenance - improving fleet productivity and reducing maintenance costs - positively impacting the bottom line, April 2017
  • "Put People First With Telematics"
    Plant Services; blog post discusses the benefits of telematics systems and ways they can be used to gain insights for operator management, December 2016
  • "Fleet management comes into focus"
    Modern Materials Handling, following the rapid development of fleet management solutions and a flurry of adoption, the lessons learned are informing a new vision of how best to optimize a fleet., November 2016
  • "Telematics Add Degrees of Efficiency to Cold Storage"
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger interview; Freezers are often separate both physically and from a fleet management perspective, but some of the biggest savings lie inside those insulated walls., November 2016
  • "Asset management: Nova Scotia’s liquor retailer benefits from warehouse lift truck fleet telematics"
    Materials Management & Distribution, case study on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, which utilizes iWAREHOUSE for fleet maintenance, equipment management and improved productivity, October 2016
  • "Clarity Over Clamor"
    Modern Metals, Raymond's iWAREHOUSE forklift fleet management system helps mobile equipment operators connect from order to shipping and all stops in between, September 2016
  • "The data-driven lift truck”
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger, manager of the iWAREHOUSE Gateway, helps explain how better data collection and analyses allows warehouses to improve performance and maintenance for an overall more efficient warehouse, August 2016
  • "Technology’s Downside: Cyber Crime"
    Food Logistics; Raymond's John Rosenberger interview regarding network security, June 2016
  • "Satisfying your customer checklist"
    Material Handling Product News; Raymond's John Rosenberger is interviewed in regards to pairing maintenance, repair and operations needs with the right service provider, June 2016
  • “Equipment vendors aim to reduce product complexity”
    DC Velocity; discusses the top trends found at MODEX 2016, with Raymond's new integrated display being one of those products praised for reducing complexity in use and maintenance of material handling equipment, May 2016
  • “How Data Metrics Revolutionizes Lift Truck Management”
    Food Logistics article discussing how data metrics are improving productivity and efficiency for lift truck fleets and revealing hidden issues, February 2016
  • “Lift Truck Series: Fleet Maintenance and forklift foresight"
    Logistics Management; John Rosenberger interviewed in discussion on the value in fleet management technology, telematics and data collection, January 2016
  • "The 2015 FL100+"
    Food Logistics; Top Software and Technology Providers of 2015, December 2015
  • “Fleet maintenance: forklift foresight"
    Modern Materials Handling; companies benefit from utilizing fleet management technology to reduce inefficiencies and stay competitive in their markets, November 2015