• "Leveraging Your Truck Data"
    Logistics Management; Facilities that embrace a data-driven culture can benefit. Quote by John Rosenberger, manager of Global Telematics at Raymond, August 2017
  • "Lift truck operators: Drivers of change"
    Modern Materials Handling; details how lift truck technology is all about the operator — keeping operators comfortable and efficient is the key to an eight-hour shift, August 2017
  • "For DCs, the (hiring) heat is on"
    DC Velocity; In this story about Amazon’s fulfillment center growth, Jim O’Brien, VP of Telematics at Raymond, talks about having a dealer network to support busy in-house technicians who provide repair and maintenance services, July 2017
  • “Affordability helps further telematics usage within beverage market”
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger, manager of Global Telematics at Raymond, discusses why the market for telematics continues to grow, and how telematics can be integrated with a variety of equipment, June 2017
  • "Training basics using advanced technology"
    DC Velocity; Effective training, including new methods using advanced technologies, can improve operator safety, decrease product damage and maintenance costs, improve worker productivity and customer satisfaction, and extend equipment life, June 2017
  • "Safer by Design"
    DC Velocity; Features like the iWAREHOUSE integrated display use cutting-edge technology to incorporate preventative features into lift trucks, May 2017
  • "Telematics on home turf"
    Modern Materials Handling; how telematics are shaping fleet management practices and moving facilities from reactive to predictive maintenance - improving fleet productivity and reducing maintenance costs - positively impacting the bottom line, April 2017
  • "Put People First With Telematics"
    Plant Services; blog post discusses the benefits of telematics systems and ways they can be used to gain insights for operator management, December 2016
  • "Fleet management comes into focus"
    Modern Materials Handling, following the rapid development of fleet management solutions and a flurry of adoption, the lessons learned are informing a new vision of how best to optimize a fleet., November 2016
  • "Telematics Add Degrees of Efficiency to Cold Storage"
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger interview; Freezers are often separate both physically and from a fleet management perspective, but some of the biggest savings lie inside those insulated walls., November 2016
  • "Asset management: Nova Scotia’s liquor retailer benefits from warehouse lift truck fleet telematics"
    Materials Management & Distribution, case study on the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation, which utilizes iWAREHOUSE for fleet maintenance, equipment management and improved productivity, October 2016
  • "Clarity Over Clamor"
    Modern Metals, Raymond's iWAREHOUSE forklift fleet management system helps mobile equipment operators connect from order to shipping and all stops in between, September 2016
  • "The data-driven lift truck”
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger, manager of the iWAREHOUSE Gateway, helps explain how better data collection and analyses allows warehouses to improve performance and maintenance for an overall more efficient warehouse, August 2016
  • "Technology’s Downside: Cyber Crime"
    Food Logistics; Raymond's John Rosenberger interview regarding network security, June 2016
  • "Satisfying your customer checklist"
    Material Handling Product News; Raymond's John Rosenberger is interviewed in regards to pairing maintenance, repair and operations needs with the right service provider, June 2016