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    Fleet Metrics, Operator and Forklift Data... Anytime, Anywhere.

    Fleet metrics, forklift data, critical productivity indicators and operator utilization data are all readily accessible via the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY. This intuitive web portal puts actionable data at your fingertips from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Quickly see areas of concern from the customizable dashboard, and customize views for different personnel based on their location or area of responsibility. View data in multiple formats - graphical or text views - to make it easier to identify issues and analyze information.

Fleet and Equipment Data and Reporting

  • Checklist Completions and Failures

    View the results of pre-operation checklists by operator or vehicle and maintain an electronic “paper trail” for regulatory compliance. Drill down into details of checklist completions and results including the question and answer that resulted in a failed checklist.

  • Short- and Long-term Impact Data

    Compare and contrast impact data for days, weeks, months or years to identify trends and areas of concern, and to facilitate preventive measures—from operator training to warehouse layout changes—to alleviate the problem.

  • Recent and Historical Fault Codes

    Analyze recent vehicle fault codes to identify and address potential maintenance issues in a timely manner. Use this information to take a more proactive approach to reduce downtime and lower your maintenance operating costs.

  • Equipment and Operator Utilization

    Drill down to track and analyze individual vehicle and operator hour meters (login, travel, lift, deadman) and utilization rates, viewing usage histories to help you right-size your fleet and labor force, increase productivity, and get the most out of your operations.

  • Maintenance Monitoring

    Through the iTRACK module, analyze repair and maintenance costs and trends to track parts and labor expenses by individual vehicle, and to identify potential savings opportunities by facility or region.

  • Battery Monitoring System

    Our battery monitoring system allows you to monitor forklift battery operating parameters across your entire fleet to reduce downtime, maximize utilization and extend the life of your batteries. Quickly identify undesirable battery conditions and areas of concern to facilitate discussions regarding warranty issues with your forklift battery vendor.

Operator and Labor Analytics

  • Cost Breakdown Report

  • Employee Scorecard

  • Facility Dashboard

  • Labor Forecast Report

  • Supervisor Grading Report

  • Utilization Dashboard

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