With iTRACK, monitor costs and simplify fleet and asset maintenance and administration.

An Ideal Introductory Solution For Any Facility Considering Telematics

Controlling costs is a whole lot easier when you can continually monitor and analyze the maintenance being performed on your industrial vehicles and other warehouse assets. The right data—in the right form and at the right time—can help keep your equipment operational for greater efficiency and productivity. iTRACK gives you the tools to do just that. A detailed fleet maintenance software and analytics solution, iTRACK gives you access to service and maintenance costs for your assets, fleet, and associated materials.

  • fleet utilization, fleet utilization metrics

    Monitor and manage fleet maintenance and utilization for a better understanding of which assets cost you the most to operate, and which are the most productive

  • fleet reporting

    Access more than 20 standard reports via the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY web portal

    Reports include cost, asset, trend, CFPM, maintenance and dispatch reports

  • fleet analyst, fleet management

    A constant, experienced source of support to help you fully leverage the power of iTRACK

    Get custom reports from the fleet maintenance software to help you get the most from your data

  • service dispatch, remote service dispatch

    Automated work order generation

    Instantly request service for managed assets from any provider, using any web-enabled device

    View reports on asset status, maintenance history, response time and downtime

  • service order entry system, work order entry

    Allows for consolidated electronic invoicing as frequently as you need

    Service order entry from all service providers helps to simplify administration

  • service claim review

    Review claims within the system to evaluate charges, asset downtime and other criteria

  • consolidated invoicing

    Allows for consolidated electronic invoicing as frequently as you need

    Service order entry from all service providers helps to simplify administration

Smarter Fleet Asset Management Starts with iTRACK

  • iwarehouse fleet management

    Service Dispatch

    Our unique service dispatch feature allows you to remotely dispatch a service request from the iTRACK web tool if you find an issue. Instantly request service—from any provider—using any web-enabled device. View reports on asset status, maintenance history, work order response time and downtime.

  • itrack, forklift repair costs

    Reporting & Analytics

    From the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY web portal, you can quickly see where and how you are spending throughout your operations. What trucks do I have and where are they? What's my top cost per vehicle? How much am I spending in repairs on this conveyor? ... dock door? What parts am I buying most often?

  • iWarehouse, forklift fleet management

    Consolidated Invoicing

    The iTRACK fleet maintenance software enhances the efficiency of warehouse asset management. Simplify and reduce the cost of maintenance administration and ensure billing accuracy by producing electronic invoices for all managed assets—customized with the level of detail needed for your business.

Intuitive Reporting for Smart Decisions


    • Asset Report
    • Non-Lift Truck Assets Report
    • Fleet Report
    • Status Report


    • Cost per Hour Report
    • Total Cost Report
    • Exceeded Cost Report
    • Detail Cost Report
    • Rental Cost Report


    • 12 Month Detail Report
    • Company Non-Detail Report
    • Rolling Comparison Chart
    • Recommendations Report


    • Aging Report
    • Metrics Report
    • Asset Availability


    • Repair Report
    • Total Maintenance Report
    • Parts Report
    • Scheduled Maintenance Status Reports


    • Contracted Parts Report
    • CFPM Report

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