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  • Boost Productivity, Monitor Utilization and Promote Accountability

    We often focus on throughput-based productivity numbers in determining the performance of employees. But did you know that despite being productive while working, many facilities have greater than 25% of total paid hours unaccounted for? That means you’re paying employees despite them not necessarily being on tasks.

    Maximizing productivity and employee utilization is the only real way to drive overall employee effectiveness. iWAREHOUSE telematics allows you to understand employee utilization when they’re operating trucks. iWARHOUSE LMS allows us to understand how all employees are spending their time.

Operator Utilization Solutions

  • Labor Management

    Integrate with your existing LMS or leverage our cost-effective labor management system to identify areas of opportunity to save on labor costs and improve employee utilization and work processes.

  • labor productivity

    Labor Productivity

    Ensure teammates are being highly utilized by eliminating wasted time, keeping them on high value tasks by minimizing indirect activity, and driving throughput.

  • Task Selection

    Improve processes and confirm use of vehicles in the appropriate application with the ability to track jobs performed on and off the truck.

  • operator utilization, forklift operator data

    Utilization Data

    Via the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY, collect and track usage data on individual operators to help you better utilize labor resources. Optimize labor efficiency by tracking times associated with activities and tasks by operator to identify opportunities to improve productivity.

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