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This forklift telematics solution wirelessly collects and transmits powered industrial vehicle and operator data to a web portal, the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY. The basic features of the iWAREHOUSE forklift fleet management system allow managers to secure vehicle access, manage and monitor impacts, review electronic pre-shift forklift checklists, and report and analyze vehicle and operator utilization for improved productivity. But, iWAREHOUSE provides much more than standard lift truck fleet management. Read on to learn more about all of the capabilities that iWAREHOUSE has to offer.

  • iWAREHOUSE Evolution: Scalable Telematics for Measurable Improvement

    iWAREHOUSE Evolution is a single, scalable telematics solution that offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of capabilities – that can be turned on or off to suit your changing business needs. And just like all iWAREHOUSE solutions, it’s compatible with hundreds of makes and models of powered industrial vehicles. From basic forklift and operator management tools to multi-site visibility, labor management and tracking, iWAREHOUSE is designed to keep up with your business needs.

Fleet Management Tools to Drive Productivity

  • iWAREHOUSE Essential: Forklift Fleet Management System

    Remotely manage forklift operator certifications, vehicle access and operator checklists to meet regulatory requirements. Receive immediate impact notifications, and record equipment and product damage. Access critical equipment and operator utilization data anytime via a single sign on web portal.

  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise: Warehouse Optimization

    iWAREHOUSE Enterprise delivers the telematics data needed to manage smarter warehouse operations with greater visibility into equipment and operator data. Utilize this actionable data to make strategic decisions, from right-sizing your fleet to optimizing your labor force.

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