iBATTERY | Battery Monitoring System

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    Access battery information as quickly as it becomes available - not when it's too late.

    The iBATTERY battery monitoring system allows you to remotely monitor battery operating parameters across your entire industrial vehicle fleet to avoid unscheduled downtime, maximize utilization and extend the life of your forklift batteries. Quickly identify undesirable battery conditions and areas of concern to facilitate discussions regarding warranty issues with your forklift battery vendor.

Provides timely data about forklift battery temperature, water levels, charge intervals and state of charge

Lead acid battery monitoring system alerts managers about low water, temperature condition, weight and overcharges

Collects information continuously and transfers it to the vehicle without extra wires or connectors

Real-time forklift battery data is combined with other data and forwarded through the iWAREHOUSE system

Critical Battery Information is Easily Accessible

  • battery monitoring system, forklift battery monitor

    Real-time Battery Alerts

    Our forklift battery monitoring system sends timely data via email or SMS text alerts about battery temperature, water levels, charge intervals and state of charge.

  • ibattery, iwarehouse, forklift battery monitor

    Battery State-of-health Data

    The battery state of health chart graphically displays batteries that have a poor state of health, and targets those that need replacement.

  • lead acid battery monitoring system, ibattery, iwarehouse gateway

    Identify Issues at a Glance

    The iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY dashboard view includes pertinent information on the most recent iBATTERY alerts, directing you to batteries and vehicles that need the most attention.

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