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  • Fairness Helps Maintain Happy Employees

    Establishing performance standards can be a chore if managed in house, and cost prohibitive to outsource. As such, many operations indicate that their standards are outdated at best.

    For those sites that do have performance standards in place, they often only consider a single variable (Pallets, Cases, eaches, etc.). What we know is that single metrics standards are rarely fair on a daily basis, and that considering multiple variables at once, by process, allows for a much more fair productivity score.

Imagine if multiple variables were able to be considered when calculating productivity, for example:

  •  Orders
  •  Cases
  •  Travel
  •  Weight 
  •  Customer
  •  Lines
  •  Pallets
  •  Locations
  •   Cube
  •  Product Class

  • Labor Standards, Labor Data

    A Smarter Productivity Score

    iWAREHOUSE LMS has the ability to leverage big data to create data-driven labor standards. What this means is that we look at your system activity, and large amounts of your data to determine what your standards should be. This is available and included as part of our LMS offering, which allows you to leverage a system without the extra cost burden of standards development.

    Have engineered standards or KPIs? No problem. Our system is flexible enough to take any approach, and in some cases, unique hybrid approaches. Fairness helps maintain happy employees, and labor standards is one of the key first steps to getting there.

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