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    Your Fleet Management Command and Control Center

    Access control, a feature of the iWAREHOUSE Telematics system, helps you to secure powered industrial vehicles with the ability to remotely manage forklift access control and operator certifications. Operator log-ins help ensure that only authorized and certified users have access to specified vehicles for greater asset and operational security.

    Remotely adjust parameters such as travel speed and acceleration, for complete control over your fleet and easier optimization of assets. Running a mixed fleet? The iWAREHOUSE telematics system is compatible with hundreds of makes and models of powered industrial vehicles.

+ Automate forklift access via badge or access code

+ Verify that authorized drivers have access to the right vehicles

+ Manage forklift operator certifications

Remotely adjust parameters such as travel speed and acceleration

+ Monitor and measure operator utilization

Program operating parameters based on vehicle or individual

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