iWAREHOUSE Success Stories

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    Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation: Protecting All Assets

    NSLC sought to protect it's biggest asset - it's people. NSLC encourages employees to take responsibility for themselves and their equipment, but managers needed better insight into the daily activities of the operators to be able to support this, along with more information that would allow them to make general warehouse decisions and improvements. They implemented iWAREHOUSE on their fleet of 40-plus forklifts to collect and report on operational and maintenance data for their fleet and operators.

  • forklift impact sensors, iwarehouse, forklift fleet management system

    In-depth Fleet Data Helps Reduce Impacts and Manage Growth for Masters Gallery Foods

    By utilizing the iWAREHOUSE forklift fleet management and warehouse optimization system, Masters Gallery Foods was able to address and decrease forklift impacts and damage in its facility.

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    Full Service Solutions Keep Darigold on Top

    By utilizing the iTRACK fleet and asset management system, Darigold, Inc., achieved its goal of tracking all equipment maintenance costs in one place, streamlining the repair and upkeep process of its forklifts and standardizing its fleet to ensure the proper equipment was in use.

  • itrack, fleet asset management system, fleet tracking

    The Devil's in the Data for Bunzl North America

    Vehicle utilization and service data from the iWAREHOUSE forklift fleet management system and iTRACK asset management system help Bunzl Distribution USA, Inc., to improve lift truck purchase planning and maintenance management.

  • iwarehouse, lift truck fleet management system

    For Romark Logistics, Fleet Optimization Becomes Critical Business Tool

    Romark Logistics, a performance-driven 3PL, uses the iWAREHOUSE fleet management system to evaluate its service history, including costs and repair dates, to help analyze and drive down maintenance costs.

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    Warehouse Experiment Delivers Peak Performance for GENCO

    GENCO integrated iWAREHOUSE with its Labor Management System for a cost savings that could be shared with both employees and customers and an employee incentive program that drove productivity to reduce pick labor, costs per unit and impacts.

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