iWAREHOUSE | Electronic Checklists

  • Facilitate and Simplify Compliance

    Compliant vehicle operation is facilitated by pre-shift electronic checklists that are completed by operators and saved in the system to meet regulatory requirements. Checklist customizability and conditional questions allow you to tailor forms to specific operators, equipment, and facilities, to suit your business needs.

    From the iWAREHOUSE Gateway, you can see critical information at quick-glance, including operator daily checklist completions and failures - and then drill down to see details including what questions and responses resulted in a failed checklist.

+ Ensure that operator checklists are completed and stored

+ Completed electronic checklists are stored in the system, creating an electronic "paper trail" to meet regulatory requirements

+ Tailor to meet your business needs with checklist customizability and conditional questions

+ Available enhanced checklist with post-impact inspection

Checklist Data via the iWAREHOUSE Gateway

In the iWAREHOUSE Gateway, get critical information at quick-glance, including operator daily checklist completions and failures. View the results of pre-operation checklists by operator or vehicle and maintain an electronic “paper trail” for regulatory compliance. Drill down into details of checklist completions and results including the question and answer that resulted in a failed checklist.

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