Intuitive, Actionable Reporting

Customizable Dashboard View

Get critical information at quick-glance, including operator daily checklist completions and failures, impact data for the last seven days and year-over-year total impact comparison, recently triggered fault codes, key hours and deadman hours comparison by vehicle or operator, and battery state of health per vehicle location summary.

Multiple Data Formats

View data in multiple formats, including graphical or textual reports to make it easy to identify and analyze information. Easy-to-use reports allow for active click-through from high level to detailed data, and also allow filter, search and sort functions.

Detailed Utilization Data

Review operator, vehicle and fleet utilization in greater detail. Easily see actual utilization by hour, including deadman or activity time, logged each hour by operator or vehicle, to quickly identify areas of opportunity to improve productivity.

Impact Reports

Impact reports allow you to easily find vehicles or operators of concern, and address issues requiring attention. Determine whether further training is required or if a change in the warehouse environment must be made.

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