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  • Optimize Your Operations, Fleet and Associates

    iWAREHOUSE Enterprise includes all of the standard forklift fleet management and operator management features included with iWAREHOUSE Essential, plus the additional telematics functionality that you choose. These enhanced capabilities provide added fleet and operator activity data and greater understanding of potential opportunities for improvement in your operations. As part of the iWAREHOUSE Evolution system, enterprise-level functionality can be added to your iWAREHOUSE solution as the needs of your business evolve, as either a complete package or as individual capabilities.

Available Add-on Features

  • +
    Track jobs performed on and off the truck

  • +
    Hold employees accountable based on existing labor standards

  • +
    Combine and view data from multiple sites

  • +
    Assign access privileges so that managers can only view data relevant to their specific location or appropriate visibility

  • +
    Visibility to productive hours when your operators are carrying a load versus traveling with empty forks

  • +
    Enables custom report creation to measure customer specific KPIs

  • +
    Battery Monitoring System monitors forklift battery operating parameters across your entire fleet

  • +
    Utilize battery data to facilitate discussions regarding warranty issues with your battery vendor

  • +
    Track vehicle travel to determine the most efficient routes through your warehouse

  • +
    Forklift movement tracking

  • +
    Create zones where industrial vehicles are prohibited or are required to travel at reduced speed

  • +
    Scalable, Cost-effective Labor Management solutions

More Intelligent Warehouse Technology Solutions from iWAREHOUSE

  • Labor Management Solutions

    Enhance your operations with cost-effective labor management that lets you address challenges more strategically by integrating equipment use and labor data with cost and budgeting information.

  • Consulting Services

    We can help you get the most out of your data. Our Professional Services group provides fleet and warehouse evaluations, fleet utilization studies, custom reporting, and in-depth data analyses to help you make the most of iWAREHOUSE.

  • Battery Monitoring

    With iBATTERY, receive battery alerts via SMS message or email to ensure that your forklift batteries and lift trucks are operating at peak efficiency. Use the web portal to stay on top of pertinent information, quickly identify critical issues and view the most recent battery alerts.

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