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  • iWAREHOUSE Enterprise material handling data analysis

    To truly make the most of your data, you need it to be understandable, meaningful, and actionable. The fleet management consultants in our professional services group stand ready to provide customized fleet management services to help you get the most out of your operational data. Our dedicated analysts will create a custom picture of what your data means, pinpointing inefficiencies, revealing opportunities, and recommending solutions.

  • Measure success and adjust, or add new KPIs

    Set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track progress

  • Identify and enable integration between iWAREHOUSE and third-party systems

    Identify trends or outliers in patterns of data and work with you to identify ways to improve metrics

    Assistance in creating action plans to address opportunities highlighted by data and trends

  • Set up of custom and automated reports specific to your KPI's or reporting requirements

  • Better understand the value of available reports

    Helps to introduce system to operators and management

    Ongoing feedback and coaching to optimize performance at all levels

  • What We Need From You

    + Identify and share your pain points and areas of concern
    + Commit to reviewing data on a regular basis
    + Be open to considering a variety of process improvements
    + Take positive action in response to data revelations
    + Support consistent behavior-modification activities

  • Discoveries in the Data

    + Who are your most productive operators?
    + How many vehicles are you utilizing most?
    + Are you utilizing all the vehicles in your fleet?
    + What parts are you replacing most frequently?
    + Where are you spending the most money on maintenance?

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