iWAREHOUSE | Labor Productivity

  • Enhance Employee Productivity

    With labor expenses accounting for more than 70% of the average facility budget (and growing), tracking labor productivity is critical. It helps you;

    + Fairly and consistently measure employees
    + Reward and retain the best employees
    + Evaluate new hires and temps
    + Pay Incentive
    + Increase Margins
    + Focus Continuous Improvement projects

    But enhancing employee productivity is more than just moving faster. It's ensuring teammates are being highly utilized by eliminating wasted time, keeping them on high value tasks by minimizing indirect activity, and driving throughput.

  • Eliminate Wasted Time

  • High Value Tasks

  • Drive Throughput

  • Operational Excellence, 100%, productivity

    Having a tool like a Labor Management System (LMS), that has the flexibility to tie all your data systems together to get a total picture of employee and operational performance, can help you achieve that next level of operational excellence. Our scalable LMS offers a cost-effective and flexible solution to manage and improve workforce utilization.

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