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The Industry's Most Comprehensive Fleet Telematics System

    iWAREHOUSE Enterprise warehouse optimization system

    Any industrial vehicle. Any size fleet.

    This unmatched telematics platform for fleet and warehouse optimization provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that collects and reports on vehicle and operator data to help drive productivity across your operations—for five vehicles or fifty, in one location or many. iWAREHOUSE Evolution provides a single, scalable solution with tools that range from battery monitoring to maintenance management, fleet optimization, labor management and professional services. Contact us to learn more about how iWAREHOUSE can help you to reduce costs, deliver on your objectives, and beat the bottom line.


    iWAREHOUSE Essential Fleet Management

    Boost productivity, monitor utilization and promote operator accountability with tools that put you in the driver's seat of productivity.
    • Manage vehicle operating parameters such as speed and acceleration
    • Stay in compliance with regulatory requirements with an electronic pre-shift forklift checklist
    • Restrict access to vehicles to certified and authorized operators
    • Promote operator accountability with impact management tools, including forklift impact sensor and forklift impact alarms
    • Identify opportunities for process improvement with task selection
    • Cost-effective warehouse labor management


    warehouse optimization, iwarehouse enterprise

    Manage your entire fleet—in every location—as if you were right next to each vehicle on the facility floor. iWAREHOUSE provides a full suite of fleet management tools to enhance the productivity of both operators and vehicles.
    • Right-size your fleet to optimize asset and fleet utilization and personnel
    • Data collected from forklift impact sensors can help you to reduce costs due to product, racking, equipment, and facility damage
    • Automatic fault code alerts can help to pinpoint maintenance issues to minimize downtime for repairs
    • Remotely manage vehicle operating parameters, and control forklift access based on required forklift operator certification
    • Multi-directional texting allows convenient communication with operators


    iwarehouse, fleet reporting, iwarehouse gateway

    The iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY puts actionable data at your fingertips via a web portal that turns any smartphone, tablet or computer into a management control center.
    • Provides as enterprise-wide view of material handling equipment and assets, across multiple facilities and regions
    • Fleet utilization metrics and additional data are displayed in graphical or text format makes it easy to identify and analyze information
    • Performs active click-through from high-level to detailed data
    • Identifies areas of concern, such as impacts, by operator, vehicle and location
    • Both automated reporting and custom reports are available through our Professional Services group


    iTRACK, fleet maintenance software, maintenance management

    iTRACK, an asset tracking and fleet maintenance software, provides a detailed maintenance reporting and analytics solution that gives you access to service and maintenance costs for your assets, fleet, and associated materials - across your operations.
    • Instantly request service—from any provider—to address issues promptly
    • Access more than 20 standard iTRACK reports via the iWAREHOUSE GATEWAY
    • Leverage the full power of iTRACK with a dedicated fleet analyst
    • Simplify administration with consolidated invoices that can be generated as frequently as needed

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