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Keep an Eye on Equipment... and Costs

  • iTRACK, fleet maintenance software, maintenance management

    Simplify Fleet Maintenance with an Intuitive Equipment Maintenance Software

    iTRACK provides detailed maintenance tracking, fleet maintenance reporting and analytics that gives you access to service and related costs for your assets, fleet, and associated materials. Beyond just managing standard forklift maintenance, iTRACK provides a wealth of tools to help you simplify administration, better utilize equipment, reduce downtime, and evaluate asset costs across your operations.

  • forklift maintenance, equipment maintenance software

    Asset and Fleet Maintenance Tools:

    • Service dispatch
    • 20+ standard reports
    • Dedicated fleet analyst
    • Consolidated invoicing
    • Claim review
    • Work order entry
    • Equipment and asset utilization

  • fleet utilization, fleet utilization metrics

    Fleet Utilization

    iTRACK data provides information to assess fleet utilization and determine which assets to repair, replace, reallocate or remove.

  • service order entry system, work order entry

    Service Order Entry

    Automated work order generation enhances administrative accuracy while simultaneously cutting asset and fleet maintenance costs.

  • consolidated invoicing

    Consolidated Invoicing

    Simplify and reduce the cost of asset and fleet maintenance administration and ensure billing accuracy by producing electronic invoices—as frequently as you need—for all managed assets.

  • fleet analyst, fleet management

    Dedicated Fleet Analyst

    Utilize this constant, experienced source of support to help you fully leverage the power of the iTRACK maintenance tracking software system.

  • service dispatch, remote service dispatch

    Service Dispatch

    Instantly request forklift maintenance and asset repair service—from any provider—using any web-enabled device.

  • service claim review

    Claim Review

    Review forklift maintenance and asset repair claims from service providers from directly within the web portal.

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