iWAREHOUSE | Operator Management

Tools to Boost Productivity, Monitor Utilization and Promote Accountability

    iWAREHOUSE provides a suite of fleet management tools that put you in the driver's seat of productivity. Enhancing the productivity of vehicles and operators has never been easier.
    • Forklift Access Control
    • Forklift Checklist
    • Forklift Impact Sensors
    • Forklift Operator Certification Management
    • Promote Operator Accountability
    • Task Selection
    • Labor Management

Operator Management Solutions

    forklift access control

    Access Control

    Remotely manage forklift access control and operator certifications, and program vehicle operating parameters based on vehicle or individual.

    osha forklift checklist

    Forklift Checklist

    Forklift checklist questions can be customized, including conditional questions, to suit the specific needs of your business. Completed forklift operator checklist forms are stored in the system, creating an electronic "paper trail" to meet regulatory requirements for the recording of OSHA forklift checklist forms.

    forklift impact sensor

    Impact Management

    Forklift impact sensors provide immediate notification of an impact including critical details. The use of forklift impact alarms can help managers to promote operator accountability and identify whether further forklift operator training is required, or if a change is needed in the warehouse environment.

    iwarehouse, task selection system, job coding

    Task Selection

    Improve processes and confirm use of vehicles in the appropriate application with the ability to track jobs performed on and off the truck.

    iwarehouse, training, forklift operator training

    Custom Training

    Our Professional Services group offers custom training to help familiarize vehicle operators and associates with the iWAREHOUSE system.

    fleet utilization

    Operator Utilization

    Collect and track usage data on individual operators to help you better utilize labor resources. Optimize labor efficiency by tracking times associated with activities and tasks by operator to identify opportunities to improve productivity.

    forklift operator training, iwarehouse

    Operator Feedback and Coaching

    Utilize iWAREHOUSE data to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement or where further forklift operator training is needed in order to perform operator feedback and coaching.

    labor management system, warehouse labor management

    Labor Management

    Integrate with your existing LMS or leverage our cost-effective labor management system to identify areas of opportunity to save on labor costs and improve employee utilization and work processes.

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