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iWAREHOUSE Announces New Solutions for Optimizing Warehouse Efficiencies

Jan 21, 2013
iWAREHOUSE Essential Fleet Management

iWAREHOUSE introduces iWAREHOUSE Essential™ and iWAREHOUSE Enterprise™ — two new iWAREHOUSE® solutions that combine fleet efficiency, warehouse optimization and professional services.

GREENE, N.Y. — The Raymond Corporation introduces iWAREHOUSE Essential™ and iWAREHOUSE Enterprise™ — two new iWAREHOUSE® solutions that combine fleet efficiency, warehouse optimization and professional services. iWAREHOUSE Essential provides access control and compliance, and monitors and collects lift truck and operator data in real time, allowing warehouse managers to increase visibility of assets and labor. iWAREHOUSE Enterprise turns collected asset and labor information into actionable data that help warehouse managers identify opportunities for fleet and warehouse optimization. The solution integrates with select labor management systems (LMSs) to help increase productivity and reduce operating costs, and can be used by Raymond’s expert consultants to enhance additional optimization decisions.

“Whether running a single warehouse or managing an entire enterprise, iWAREHOUSE puts the power of fleet and labor information into management’s hands,” says Chuck Pascarelli, president of sales and marketing for The Raymond Corporation. “With in-depth data, warehouse managers are able to identify opportunities to increase efficiencies throughout the warehouse and across their labor force. These new solutions provide comprehensive fleet tracking and monitoring, integrated labor management capabilities and flexible reporting tools.”

Complete with a variety of data-tracking modules, iWAREHOUSE Essential provides increased warehouse and lift truck fleet visibility. Drawing real-time, accurate information from the operating systems of lift trucks, iWAREHOUSE Essential enables warehouse managers to track important information and identify ways to improve operator and lift truck performance. The iWAREHOUSE Essential basic configuration allows for control, monitoring and tracking of lift truck and fleet usage, as well as automates vehicle access and provides an electronic operator checklist that is recorded and stored for OSHA compliance.

Additionally through iWAREHOUSE Essential, lift truck operator accountability is enhanced due to the system’s ability to detect and report vehicle and driver information, in real time, during operator use and where and when impacts occur. iWAREHOUSE Essential also contributes to overall increased visibility by monitoring maintenance and diagnostics alerts, tracking maintenance parts and labor and consolidating fiscal billing.

Complementing iWAREHOUSE Essential, iWAREHOUSE Enterprise is able to manage and report truck, fleet and operator data to enhance fleet optimization, as well as provide data and analysis for actionable business solutions for warehouse optimization. Unique to iWAREHOUSE Enterprise, integration with select LMSs can provide greater warehouse visibility, increase asset utilization and provide information to audit labor standards to help increase employee productivity. iWAREHOUSE Enterprise also offers tailored consulting services through trained Raymond professionals who analyze data and help identify opportunities to increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

iWAREHOUSE from Raymond is available exclusively through an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center. For more information about iWAREHOUSE solutions or to locate a Raymond Solutions and Support Center, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call (800) 235-7200.

The Raymond Corporation is a global provider of unmatched material handling technology, expertise and support to increase productivity and cost-efficiency. Designed with ecological and economical benefits in mind, Raymond® lift trucks are engineered to achieve higher performance and increase efficiency. Raymond offers a full line of manual and electric lift trucks — including pallet trucks, walkie stackers, counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, orderpickers and turret trucks — and iWAREHOUSE®, complete with iWAREHOUSE Essential™ and iWAREHOUSE Enterprise™, to manage lift truck fleets, labor efficiencies and warehouses. Additionally, flexible automation solutions and industry-leading consultation from Raymond further enhance warehouse processes and streamline material handling practices.

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