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    Easily Add Functionality As Your Needs Evolve

    Our industry-leading fleet and warehouse optimization system is taking telematics to a whole new level with iWAREHOUSE Evolution. Our newest product offering provides a single, scalable solution that guides a business from the essential features of a telematics solution to the enterprise level as business needs evolve.

    With iWAREHOUSE, managers can effectively manage and report on powered industrial vehicle and operator performance—while reducing operational costs and improving productivity.

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    iTRACK    iWAREHOUSE Essential    iWAREHOUSE Enterprise  
Consolidated Invoicing       
Dedicated Fleet Analyst       
Service Order Entry       
Claim Review       
Reporting & Analytics      
Fleet Utilization        
Access Control        
Electronic Checklists       
Impact Management       
Fault Code Reporting       
Equipment & Operator Utilization       
Labor Management       
Task Selection       
Load Sensing       
Multi-Site Support      
Report Customization      
Location Tracking       
Battery Monitoring       

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    Comprehensive Fleet and Warehouse Optimization

    iWAREHOUSE Evolution provides tools for warehouse managers to promote operator accountability, monitor impacts, maintain records for compliance and report on utilization metrics for their industrial vehicle fleet, operators and batteries. The intuitive display provides a full-color, touch screen operator interface for ease of use.

    Running a mixed fleet? iWAREHOUSE is compatible with any make or model of industrial vehicle, any size fleet—in one facility or multiple. Remote hosting is available to minimize implementation time and reduce the burden on your IT resources.

    iWAREHOUSE Evolution: Included Functionality

    consolidated service invoices, itrack Subscription Billing
    • Bundle your iWAREHOUSE system into one easy monthly payment for hardware, software and services 
    Multi-Directional Texting
    • Allows managers to send messages to operators on vehicles and operators to send pre-programmed responses back to managers

    International Capability 
    • iWAREHOUSE Evolution is certified for use in the United States, Canada and the European Union
    iwarehouse, 5ghz
    5GHz Compatible
    • Gives the choice of a different wireless network if 2.4 GHz is crowded
    iwarehouse essential
    Cellular Data Communication
    • Provides ease of implementation
    enterprise encryption, fleet management Enterprise Encryption • Operate and communicate securely and confidently with a fully encrypted data network

    Remote Hosting
    • Available option when IT resources and servers are limited
    • Convenience of remote implementation and off-site issue resolution

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