• iwarehouse, forklift fleet management system


    Smarter Fleet Management Tools to Optimize Equipment and Operators

    A Forklift Fleet Management System That Works Well With Others.

    With iWAREHOUSE Essential™, manage all of your powered industrial vehicles—in every location—as if you were right next to them on the facility floor. Compatible with hundreds and makes and models of powered industrial vehicles, this fleet management software is the ideal tool to make sure nothing slips through the cracks in today’s regulated warehouse environments. It's never been easier to enhance the productivity of your entire fleet and operators—from the convenience of any web-enabled device. And as part of iWAREHOUSE Evolution, this fleet management software is easily scalable to incorporate enterprise-level features to meet your growing business needs.

    Forklift Fleet Management: Standard Features

    forklift access control
    Access Control  
    • Automate forklift access via badge or access code
    • Verify that drivers have access to the right vehicles
    • Manage forklift operator certification
    • Remotely adjust parameters such as travel speed and acceleration
    forklift operator checklist, forklift fleet management
    Electronic Checklists 
    • Electronic forklift operator daily checklist questions are completed by operators and saved in the system to meet regulatory requirements
    • Tailor to meet your business needs with checklist customizability and conditional questions
    forklift impact sensor
    Impact Management • Receive immediate notifications of forklift impacts (including operator, vehicle, time, and other critical information) via text message or email
    • Program a forklift impact alarm to sound or reduce vehicle speed upon impact
    • Utilize impact data to determine if further forklift operator training is required or if changes are needed to the warehouse environment
    • Reduce costs due to product, racking, equipment, and facility damage
    iwarehouse, forklift fault codes
    Fault Code Reporting
    • Automatic alerts (via email or text message) are sent to designated service personnel
    • Pinpoints potential maintenance requirements for technician, helping to minimize downtime
    iwarehouse, forklift utilization, fleet reporting
    Equipment and Operator Utilization       
    • Improve fleet utilization and better utilize labor resources with usage data on individual vehicles and operators—including hour meters
    • Optimize labor efficiency by tracking times associated with activities and tasks by operator to identify opportunities to improve productivity

    • Cost-effective Labor Management solutions
    • Monitor battery operating parameters across your entire fleet
    • Utilize battery data to facilitate discussions regarding warranty issues with your battery vendor 

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