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  • Maximize Labor Utilization with Sightlines into Associate Activity and Costs

    With labor costs continually on the rise, every minute of every day is getting more important to your bottom line. Our labor management system provides a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution. From helping to identify hidden costs and missing hours that eat away at your company’s bottom line, to seeing at a glance whether you’re operating on budget. Or if you're not. This scalable labor management system provides the data you need to objectively analyze employee performance, identify shortfalls, set standards and increase productivity.

Labor Management System Benefits

  • • Maximize employee utilization
       and productivity
    • Control costs
    • Increase margins
    • Enhance corporate culture

  • • Keep your best employees
    • Make informed staffing decisions
    • Analyze trends for effective forecasting
    • Develop and implement best practices
    • Manage and motivate staff

  • Warehouse Management Systems offered by Raymond Sales and Service Centers

    Engineered Labor Studies

    Get the most from your selected LMS with ongoing labor studies designed to help you evaluate work processes and procedures. We can tailor the system to your specific needs—and adapt it as your operation adds warehouses, workflows, SKUs, customers, and more.

    • Establish performance benchmarks and targets
    • Develop workplace labor standards

Choose the Labor Management System That's Right for Your Business

   Lite   Express   Enterprise

Integration with Custom iWAREHOUSE Task Selection (forklift operators) 

Integration with Job Track iWAREHOUSE Task Selection (non-operators)  
Integration with Time Clock       
Integration with WMS       
Track Throughput 
Operational Costing 
Qualitative Metrics       
Performance Coaching       
Multi-metric Labor Standards       

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